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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the story behind the Ultima e-Bikes? Who is the founder?

Please find the brief information here.


Why is it called the Ultima? 

Ultima is a Latin word synonym with Ultimate.

Ultima SE Edition is an ultimate commuter solution that never have been offered before. 


What models do you offer?

  • XS-Base
  • XS-SE Edition 
  • XT-Base
  • XT-SE Edition


Ultima XS/XT are categorized in which class of e-Bikes? Do have other types of e-Bikes?

Ultima XS/XT are both Class (I), Paddle/Power Assist 250W, regulated as conventional bikes and they are road legal in most of countries around the world.

Ultima XS is offer slick and stylish design that focused on weight saving, however the XT is offer fortitude design with fat tires, suspension fork and with dual batteries is more focused on range. 

Currently, we are prototyping new folding e-Bike. 


What colors do you offer for XS/XT?

We offer 9 colors:

  • Black/Red, 
  • Grey/Blue, 
  • White/Green, 
  • Yellow/White, 
  • Black/Red Wine, 
  • Black/White, 
  • White/Blue, 
  • Yellow/Black, 
  • Yellow/Green


Where is the Ultima made-in?

Our main suppliers and manufacturing partners are in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.


Will COVID-19 affect the production and deliveries?

However currently, the pandemic has minimal direct effects on production itself, but it’s not deniable that has significant direct effects on part’s supply-chain and shipping time and expenses. Post covid-19 more people prefer to commute with bikes rather than public transportation whenever possible, so sudden increased demands on the market caused the delay in part’s supply-chain. On the other hand, the shipping time and expenses were increased by 3X.   

We have over 34 manufacturing partners that are one of the best on industry and closely worked with them to optimize the manufacturing process and minimize the pandemic effects on production, however the part’s supply-chain delay and shipping are out of our sole control However, we are trying hard to manage unwanted or unexpected effects out of our control, with our best ability.


How easy is assembling the Ultima XS/XT?

Ultima e-Bikes are fully assembled and tested one-by-one prior to authorized shipping Afterwards, few parts like handlebar, paddles, and kickstand disassembled that bike fits into the shipping package. Although, after delivery, it’s very easy to reassemble the bike, we provide you step by step descriptive assembly manual.


What is the Ultima e-Bikes warranty coverage?

All Ultima Hybrids e-Bikes should pass the QC tests one by one to ensure they are defect and fault-free before being authorized for shipping.

The Base model and SE Package have 12-Months full warranty coverage, Plus 6-months Frame extended warranty (warranty is excluded the wear, tears or man-made damages)
The Signature Editions have 18-Months full warranty coverage, Plus 6-months Frame extended warranty (warranty is excluded the wear, tears or man-made damages)

The Warranty covers the spare part replacement; however, the shipping expenses would be covered by customer.


What if warranty expired or I broke it myself?

No worries, we will support and supply you all parts and gears you require to fix your Ultima e-Bikes through our online store, even after the warranty expired or whether you broke it yourself. 


How do I get the replacement parts?

Simply place the order through our online store and replacement parts/Gears will be shipped to your address, if you need further assistance, our support team will help you purchase the correct replacement components.  


Where can I get my Ultima Hybrid serviced?

The Ultima Hybrids comes with user, maintenance/repair manual that guides you through step-by-step assembly and maintenance/repairs procedures, allowing you with minimal hands-on tool expertise to maintain and service your e-Bike yourself; and always you can reach out to our support team for further assistance. Also, you can get assistance from reputable bike shops to get your Ultima e-Bike serviced.




The XS and XT equipped with the same frame?

No, however both have similar frame design outlines but technically they are different.


Where is the battery?  

The Ultima XS/XT both have unique frame designs with invisible detachable lithium 5.8Ah battery embedded on frame’s top tube, however the XT model also equipped with extra 7.8Ah lithium battery (13.6 Ah in total) locates under the seat post.


What are the ranges for XS/XT? 

e-Bike’s ranges vary based on pedal assist level, incline levels, rider’s weight, type of terrains, climates, tire air pressure, and many other factors.

The XS range is Min. 25km - Max. 60km; The XS average range in different road conditions: 30-40km

The XT range is Min. 55km - Max. 140km; The XT average range in different road conditions: 60-70km


The XS-SE and XT-SE equipped with the same motor and battery that used in Base models, how they have an extended range?

The SE package comes with the ultimate commuter package, included an extra detachable lithium 5.8Ah battery pack that extends the renege of XS-SE/XT-SE by an average 30-40km (Min. 25km- Max. 60km), and is replaceable under 30 Sec.

The XS-SE range is Min. 50km - Max. 120km; The XS-SE average range in different road conditions: 60-80km

The XT-SE range is Min. 80km - Max. 180km; The XT-SE average range in different road conditions: 90-110km


What is the maximum speed for XS and XT?

The Class (I) e-Bikes maximum speed directly depends on rider’s muscular strengths, paddling power, rider’s weight, gear ratio and wheel’s size, train conditions, and some other factors;  However, based on Class (I) regulations the power assist mechanism (regardless of assist level) should cut off in certain speeds that is 32km/h (20 miles/h) in most of North American countries and 25km/h in most of European countries.  

The Ultima XS/XT are Class (I) e-Bikes and follows the destination regulations for pedal/power assist cut-off speed.

Ultima XS/XT e-bikes are designed for commuting, city travel, trekking or for leisure purposes, so the max speed really wasn’t the primary concern in the design and built; however, they are smoothly capable of achieving safe speeds (ranges from 35 to 50km/h) that balanced with braking performance for maximizing the safety for the rider and other commuters on the road.


In what way are the LED lights smart? 

The front LED headlight has smart working mode, which adjust the working mode and brightness according to the ambient light and movements status as following:

  • When there is sufficient light (> 30lux) is detected by sensor, the heal light start flashing as daytime warning light
  • When the sensor detected its dark (< 30lux), the head light mode changed to steady 400 Lumen to illuminate the e-Bike path while saving power to extend the headlight running time.
  • When the e-Bike become stationary for more than 120 seconds, the smart mode enters into the sleep/standby state, indwell be return to working mode after sensing the movements, vibration, or clicking on the light button. 

The Rear LED taillight has smart autodetection braking feature that turns on the high steady Stop/Brake light(100Lm), and in steady stationary situation (>60s) light automatically switch to standby sleep mode. 


Can I charge my mobile phone and accessories on the move?

Yes. You can purchase Ultima Powerbank (20,000 mAh) that can be used for charging most of the gears and accessories. This Powerbank is a standard equipment in SE Edition.


What type/brand of suspension fork is used? 

Ultima e-Bikes equipped with Ultima branded parts, gears & accessories; We have over 34 manufacturing partners with excellent standing and reputations in the industry. 

Expect the parts made by leading brands like Shimano, TEKTRO & LG, the most of the other parts/gears are Ultima Branded.

  • XS Suspension type: HeadShock; comfort for City, Trekking
  • XT Suspension type: Fork, adjustable damping; comfort for City, Trekking


What models of Shimano hub gearbox and derailleur are used?


XT: SHIMANO TOURNEY SERIES 7-Speed, SHIMANO TOURNEY Thumb Shifter Plus-7, TOURNEY TY Derailleur, TOURNEY TZ 7-Speed Freewheels


Are the brakes hydraulic? 

Ultima XS equipped with e-bike TEKTRO Hydraulic, Dual Piston, 6.5” disk brake, and Power Cut-off system. 

Ultima XT initial prototype was equipped with Jack mechanical 6.5” disk brake system; However afterwards we decided to upgrade XT to Hydraulic disk baking system at production.

So, the answer is: Yes, the both XS/XT models will come with e-bike Hydraulic disk brake system as standard.


Do I notify for powertrain failure? 

Yes, On-Board Diagnostics System (OBD) monitoring the powertrain system, on real-time diagnose the potential failure in Motor, Controller, Sensor, Batteries or Brake System and prompt on HD LED Display


Can I monitor the bike's battery level?

Yes, HD LED multi-function meter displays the real-time: speed, trip, ODO, time, battery level, current assist mode, ODB warnings (Brake, Motor, Controller, Sensor, Battery)

What is the maximum recommended height and weight for rider?

The Ultima XS recommended height is: 4’11”- 6’3” (149.86cm to 190.5cm)

The Ultima XT recommended height is: 5’- 6’4” (152.5cm to 193cm)

The maximum recommended rider weight for both XS and XT is: 120kg (267 lbs) 


Can you ride it in the rain?

Yes, the minimum Precaution level for XS/XT models are: IP54; however, it’s highly recommended to consider the safety percussion and tips for riding on slippery terrains.


What size tires fit in XS/XT?

  • XS: 20" * 1.95"
  • XT: 20" * 3" Fat Tires


How much are they (XS/XT) weigh?

XS Dry (without battery):   16,340kg (36lbs)

XS (with battery):                  17,725kg (39lbs)

XS-SE (fully loaded):            19,600kg (43.2lbs)


XT Dry (without battery):   20,635kg (45.5lbs)

XT (with battery):                 23,875kg (52.4lbs)

XT-SE (fully loaded):            25,750kg (56.7lbs)


How do you charge the battery and how long does it take?

Detachable LG 18650 lithium battery pack, 5.8 Ah, XS & XT, Charging time: 2.5-3h 

Fixed LG 18650 lithium battery pack, 7.8 Ah, XT Only, Charging time: 3-5h

XS full Charging time (5.8 Ah): 2.5-3h

XT full Charging time (13.6 Ah): 2.5-5h

Ultima XT equipped with dual batteries and comes with two chargers (one for each battery)


Can the battery be replaced?

Absolutely, Both XS/XT models are equipped with 5.8Ah replaceable batteries embedded on the frame’s top tube (hidden) and can be replaced with a fully charged battery under 30 sec, which extends the average range about 30-40km.


Does charger support both standard 120V/220V outlets?

Yes, the Li-ion charger is rated 100-240V~50/60Hz and compatible with both standards.


Are LED lights, fenders (mudguards) and Kickstand Standard on Base model XS/XT?

Yes, absolutely, not only Smart LED lights, Mudguards and kickstand are standard equipment on base model XS/XT, but also the Bluetooth Speakers, Smartphone Holder, Rear View Mirrors, Foldable Anti-theft chain lock, Bell, Mode selector, Torque-sensing System, e-Bike Hydraulic Disk Brake system, all are standard equipment on Ultima base model XS/XT.


Do you sell caring/cargo box for XS/XT?

Yes, Ultima XS/XT have branded 3.0L rear caring/cargo box, mountable on seatpost, you can order from our online store, however if you order the SE package, the Caring/Cargo box is already a part of SE package; Plus over 25 extra gears and equipment.  


What happens if I get a Puncture?

Changing a flat tire on an e-Bike is the same as on a conventional bike. 

The SE package included with Toolbox, Tire repair tool kit, and Smart electric Air-pump. 

The Maintenance/Repair manual will guide you through a DIY step-by-step process to fix the flat tire anywhere in the shortest possible time.


How much maintenance does the motor require?

The Ultima Motors are maintenance free and designed for a long run. All Motors should pass QC test before they mount on the s-Bikes. 


How can I protect my Ultima e-Bike and gears from the risk of theft?

All Ultima e-Bikes comes with compact foldable Anti-theft chain lock, security level 9, to secure your Ultima Hybrid from theft risk, also all gears and equipment are detachable and you can remove them through quick release mechanism from their mounting brackets in a second, like: Battery pack, LED Lights, Smartphone Holder, Bell, Camera, Caring/Cargo box, … 

The SE package also included with the Accessory box and Backpack to hold and carry your Ultima accessories and gears with yourself, also It’s included with GPS tracker that enable the owner for:

  • Real-time Positioning and Tracking
  • Vibration Detection Alarm (SMS MSG)
  • Remote Listening and Recording
  • Geo Fencing Notification (in/out)
  • Speed-limits Detection Alarm (SMS MSG)
  • Navigation to Tracker location
  • 3 Main Standby Modes: Real-Time Tracking, Smart Tracking, Sleep Mode)
  • Track History (Place, Time, Direction and mileage)


Can I take a photo or record my commute meanwhile riding the bike? Can I see the Camera footages on my smartphone screen?

The SE package included with 4k Ultra-HD dual screen Camera, detachable mounts and the Remote controller on handlebar for taking photos or capture the videos from your journey, the camera through WiFi connect to your smartphone and can also mirror the camera screen on your phone screen.

Also, you can purchase the Camera through our online store separately.


How can I change the power assist level and navigate through bike meter information?

There are two ways to do it:

First-method uses the two buttons embedded on the bike meter display, the left one is for changing the power assist level (Fitness, Aerobic, Eco, Climb) and the right one is for navigating on meter information (Trip, ODO, Time, Battery Capacity, …)

Second-method (recommended) is utilizing the remote controller on the handlebar with 3 buttons right under your thumb.


Does XS/XT have speed Sensor?

No! Ultima e-Bikes equipped with Torque Sensing Technology that provides a very smooth and seamless rid quality based on the level of the torque that rider puts on the paddles, which is a very remarkable feature in all speeds specifically in stand-start rolling on uphill paths.


What is included in the SE package?

Ultima SE is beyond an e-Bike, but an ultimate commuter solution; Fully loaded with utility gears, accessories and equipment as a standard package at an unmatched level that ever have -been offered!  

The SE owners would be granted free lifetime Ultima Club Membership with discounts on all products (e-Bikes & parts); Plus extra branded gears, accessories and equipment which the whole package worth over $2,250 in retail value; here is the shortlist:

  • Smart LED Headlights with remote control (1,700lm)
  • Smart LED, Taillight (50Lm Drive-time -100Lm Brake-time)
  • 4K Ultra-HD Dual Screen Action Camera with remote control and App
  • GPS Tracker with App
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers 
  • Detachable smartphone holder
  • Detachable bell
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Foldable Anti-theft chain lock
  • Unique Helmet(3in1) with rain cover
  • Toolbox
  • Accessory box
  • Tire repair tool kit
  • The portable smart electric air-pump
  • Shoe rain-cover with waterproof bag
  • First aid emergency kit
  • Front and Rear fenders/Mudguards
  • Backpack for carrying e-Bike accessories and equipment


  • Commuter extra battery pack for (add extra 30-40Km in average)
  • Bike-cover
  • Detachable 3.0L carrier/Cargo box
  • 20,000 mAh Emergency power bank for charging the lights, phone & camera
  • Torque sensing system
  • e-Bike Hydraulic disk brake system 
  • Lifetime Ultima Club Membership with discounts





The Ultima e-Bikes are legal in North America and European Countries? Do I need a license to operate them?

Ultima XS/XT are standard Class (I) power/pedal assist e-Bikes, with 250W max motor power, they are legally allowed to ride where bicycles are permitted, including bike lanes, roads, multiuse trails and bike-only paths. no registration, insurance, or licence is required to ride them in most North American and European countries.

The only difference between north America and EU is the Power Assist Cut-off speed, that in North America and most of the world is 32Km/h (20 miles/h) and in most EU countries is 25km/h.

We highly recommend that backers check their own local government’s legislation and regulations, before backing Ultima campaign.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

However, in most of countries wearing a helmet for adult cyclist is not mandatory, but We highly recommend to use a helmet for your own safety, Please check your local legislations and regulation in this regards.



Payments and Shipping


How long is the order leading time?

In Ultima, we avoid of over-promising and under-delivering; however, we are working hard to ship the orders asap.

We have almost 34 manufacturing partners, the only matter that can affect the shipping time is the supply-chain delays or waiting times that can cause unwanted delay in our production time. However, we already considered all possible delays in our delivery time estimation based on current market demands and supply situation, post-pandemic. Nevertheless, we are trying to improve our sourcing to reduce supply chain delays and waiting times to fulfill the orders prior to the estimated delivery times. 


How much does the shipping cost?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant fluctuations in international and domestic freight charges. To avoid charging unfair shipping fees, we would prefer not to charge our customers until their order be ready for shipping. Once your product is ready to ship, we will provide the best shipping options specific to your address, with complete transparency and no markups.


Who is responsible for additional duties, taxes, or VAT?

The backer is responsible, we strongly recommend you to check your local legislation before backing our campaign, since it might be varying in different countries; The import duties for Class-I Electric Bikes in the USA, Canada and some other countries is 0%.


Do you have financing?

We are negotiating to offer third-party financing options currently, it will be available soon through checkout section. if you have specific question in this regards, please contact us at


What is your refund policy?

Since the bikes are made by order, Refunds are eligible for the orders that have  not been entered to the manufacturing process yet.


What is your return/exchange policy?

At Ultima, all products pass through comprehensive Quality Control (QC) tests before shipping out, we process the returns/exchanges on a case-by-case basis, only unopened/unused products in original packaging are eligible for return or exchange. Please consider customers are responsible for shipping expenses in both-ways.


How about Canadian taxes?

All Canadian orders will be subject to the applicable Provincial and Federal taxes (PST/GST/HST). The listed prices are all exclusive of taxes.


If I have other questions, who should I contact?

Please emails us at