Meet Ramin Rasavar – The founder of Ultima e-Bikes

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Meet Ramin Rasavar – The founder of Ultima e-Bikes


"You can’t get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you; whatever we are doing would make a difference! So, it’s on us to decide what kind of difference we are going to make!”

A couple of years ago, technology wasn’t there to make affordable EV vehicles, and EV vehicles were considered luxury commodities, but now technology is almost there! And it is projected that the new generation of electric vehicles is going to transform the transportation era. 

Environmental concerns are at the forefront and fossil fuels have to be replaced by clean energy alternatives in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the carbon footprints as an essential move for the world’s sustainability.  

EV Canada feels a responsibility to be a part of this global revolution for good by providing smart solutions for people all around the world; Today, we are launching Ultima hybrid bikes as fitness-oriented, eco-friendly, and sustainable commuter solution replacing fossil fuels that come along with a unique commuter package (named SE edition).

During three decades of my career as an entrepreneur and engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with world-leading automotive manufacturers with different product philosophies and customer approaches (Germany, Italian, Japanese, and North American). I learned a lot from them, as each one of them uniquely met the specific needs and wants of their diverse consumer markets.

We integrated our combined skills in the design and manufacturing of our products with our own touch added, while rooted in the core belief that our customers are our biggest asset. 


What sets us apart? 

Ultima Series isn’t just offering an e-bike to consumers. We provide a comprehensive all-in-one package as a fun and convenient commuting alternative for replacing fossil fuels. 

We understand that everyone has unique needs; Ultima e-bikes were created with great attention to small details so we can make your commute safe and enjoyable. 

Our strategy is to minimize overhead expenses as much as possible to reduce the overall cost of ownership, including eliminating the middleman by offering direct delivery from the manufacturing site to consumer address; Our goal is to provide a unique commuter solution yet affordable for all citizens.

Ultima series designed, built, and packaged to not only meet all industry standards and the majority of the consumer requirements, but also go the extra mile by providing modern gadgets, accessories, and safety equipment. Plus, the access to lifetime Ultima Club membership with discounts, all in one package, that have never been offered before.  

At E.V Canada, we believe there’s no limit to what LOVE can do!

Giving back is a fundamental priority in our business culture and we commit to take the hopeless hands around the world offering who need it most. We donate 10% of our profit to World Vision Canada, one of the most reputable charities that help more than 4 million children in over 100 countries. Your support helps make this happen, so let's work together to make real and long-lasting changes to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children & families for good. 

How Do we treat our Backers and Customers?

Most businesses offer their basic products at a competitive price range and make real money from the adds-on, accessories, and equipment. 

But at EV Canada, we take a different approach. We believe Ultima e-bikes are not our main asset in this campaign; they are just crafted metals and innovative gadgets made by passion. You – our customers and our backers are our main asset and the reason why we can accomplish our mission. 

Our customers and backers are like our family, supporting our initiative and believing in our mission beyond the product. They are admirable people that deserve to be recognized in merit for their role and patience. 

Hence, to show our appreciation, we have designed a unique, campaign exclusive, edition of the Ultima named SE edition @ manufacturing costs with no markups, as special thanks to our campaign backers!

This limited edition will not be produced or be available after the campaign ends.  

Plus, we offer limited “Signature Edition” exclusively for Ultima Club Members and who make the reservation through prior to our campaign launch date in July. The “Signature Edition” comes with a unique badge that certifies the Bike is a Signature Edition with a unique serial number and a trackable QR Code.


The commuters live or work at city centers or crowded cities with high traffic, challenging the most productive hours of their daytime in traffic, which reduces their productivity, efficiency also more energy loss and gas consumption that eventually results in more pollution production.

Replacing a car with an e-Bike regardless of environmental benefits can significantly reduce living expenses between $800-$2,000 per month (taking into account continually increasing fuel prices, high cost of vehicle ownership/leasing, operation and maintenance, insurance, parking, tax and depreciation).  

E-bikes allow for a cost-effective commuting option while improving fitness and health. Switching to an e-bike offers benefits to every aspect of your life, while providing measurable social and environmental benefits. 

The COVID-19 pandemic’s adverse effects on:

  • The raw material supply and prices.
  • The supplier’s production and delivery times.
  • Huge negative impact on shipping times & expenses; the shipping cost has increased by 3X, impacting both manufacturers and consumers.

Risk management

We know our strengths, weakness, and also market opportunities, threats, and risks. So, we constantly monitor our standing, measure the current status based on previous and next steps, detect the possible deviations and analyze the reasons and factors. 

We are highly selective about our suppliers and believe they are the best in the industry with excellent standing and reputations. Despite that, we have strategic planning (plan B or even C) to deal with unexpected circumstances to eliminate the unwanted consequences, wherever possible.

We are proud of having the professional partners on board to make sure the quality would not be compromised at any stage, and we would not enter trial-and-error cycles and be able to minimize the possible mistakes or redoing.

Since shipping charges are significantly fluctuating post-Covid-19, we are unable to estimate or include shipping fees into our costs; however, we are always working to find the most affordable options for minimizing the shipping expenses in favor of our customers.  

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission is to be an influential player in reducing the world's environmental concerns through offering sustainable and eco-friendly transport solutions; A continuous commitment to enhancing the quality, providing the innovated solutions, and solve problems. 

Our Vision is to be a premium manufacturer of high-quality electric vehicles, gears, accessories and delivering them directly to consumers.

Our Core Values: 

  • We value the world and believe in working to preserve the environment for generations to come.
  • We value all humankind regardless of their race, sex or religion.
  • We value our customers and their needs, wants, and interests. 
  • We value consumer care and satisfaction.
  • We value innovation, problem-solving, and expertise.                                               
  • We value commitment, responsibility, and reliability.
  • We value honesty, trust, and loyalty.


Join us to accomplish this mission together, positively impact our planet,

and propel electric transportation forward - Ultima e-Bikes by EV Canada.